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Poetry by R L Raymond

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Sometimes there is no ricochet

it was just
a .22
a toy really
used to shoot
on the lilypads

sometimes the
shot would skip
over its target
hitting the bank
across the pond
with a muddy thwap
or spray the leaf
and water and bug
into the air

those rare times
he hit the mark
he flinched
at the sound of
surprised at
a tiny hole
in the lilypad
the absence of
and very few



Raymond tells stories through poetry, fiction, photography, and painting. He has been published in journals and collections across Canada, the United States, Australia, and Europe. He earned his Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario. Visit www.RLRaymond.com for more information.

Quote: "A good story is like a well-placed punch: quick, effective, and impossible to ignore."

Selected Publications: Existere, Carousel, Descant, Envoi, Grain, Soliloquies…


R L Raymond is among the artists to be featured in our first edition of Northbound and Notable, scheduled for publication this winter. Proceeds from each refillable leather notebook, craft paper, and accessories sale fund the Northbound and Notable payout pool. Learn how to get involved through our website navigation above.

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