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Artist of the Week - Jason Shulman

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Jason Shulman is a sculptor and photographer who has a keen eye for cinema but not in the way most may think. By having an extreme long exposure and letting the block busters play out, has resulted in the creation of intertwining colors evoking the films motif and atmosphere.

The Wizard Of Oz

It is clear that Shulman is very interested in movement, including his sculptures The White Horse, where the horse seems to be unraveling itself or The Balancing Chairs that could fall at any moment. The same passion for motion has appeared in his photography; from 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939) to Kubricks '2001: A Space Odyssey' the photographic results are always unpredictable and different from one another, making the unexpected treasures more intriguing than their counterparts.

From an interview with CNN Shulman explains how you can see the differences between the directors process of storytelling, he shares; 


'...with most of Hitchcock's films, the resulting print showed figurative forms. I think this is because Hitchcock tells his stories by focusing on the actors. Kubrick, on the other hand, uses wider shots that are often framed in a symmetrical way. So in the gestalt, his films leave compositional rather than human stains on the finished print...'

 2001: A Space Odyssey

To see more of Shulmans work head over to his website here or read his interview with CNN here.


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Artist of the Week - Ink in Motion

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Ink in Motion – Macro Room

The Macro Room have been very generous and given the internet a beautiful treat; Ink in Motion. Ink in Motion is created by the genius’ at Macro Room, by pouring coloured ink into water they have created a hypnotizing and dazzling experience of swirling colours interacting with different elements, such as 3D models of cities and natural different flowers.

Still from 'Ink in Motion'

Filmed in 4K allows the artists to slow down the footage and completely indulge in the ever-changing painting – if you haven’t seen it already or want to see more satisfying slow motion masterpieces check out there YouTube channel here.

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