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Artist of the Week - Jason Shulman

Posted by Rosalyn Fenton on

Jason Shulman is a sculptor and photographer who has a keen eye for cinema but not in the way most may think. By having an extreme long exposure and letting the block busters play out, has resulted in the creation of intertwining colors evoking the films motif and atmosphere.

The Wizard Of Oz

It is clear that Shulman is very interested in movement, including his sculptures The White Horse, where the horse seems to be unraveling itself or The Balancing Chairs that could fall at any moment. The same passion for motion has appeared in his photography; from 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939) to Kubricks '2001: A Space Odyssey' the photographic results are always unpredictable and different from one another, making the unexpected treasures more intriguing than their counterparts.

From an interview with CNN Shulman explains how you can see the differences between the directors process of storytelling, he shares; 


'...with most of Hitchcock's films, the resulting print showed figurative forms. I think this is because Hitchcock tells his stories by focusing on the actors. Kubrick, on the other hand, uses wider shots that are often framed in a symmetrical way. So in the gestalt, his films leave compositional rather than human stains on the finished print...'

 2001: A Space Odyssey

To see more of Shulmans work head over to his website here or read his interview with CNN here.


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Pursuit - Mike Olbinski

Posted by Rosalyn Fenton on


'Pursuit' is Olbinski's newest and most spectacular storm chasing extravaganza. Chasing storms from state to state and covering over 25,000 miles of land in isolation, Pursuit is not only a awe-striking piece to enjoy but also very personal to the chaser. 
The time lapse of film takes place from March 28th to June 29th, with over 90,000 frames of twisted and contorted silver veins of lighting and whirling, gloomy tornadoes.

Oblinski expresses his pain on his storm-chasing journey when he realizes he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and how heart broken he is when he sees his social feed fill up with gorgeous images of the storm he thought he was chasing, he shares; '...I let myself down. I forgot who I was and that's not me. Or it shouldn't have been me. I failed myself...' Obliniski goes on to tell how he felt broken and that the easier option was to give up and go home to comfort and familiarity, but the loom and nature of the weather inspired him.

'...that's why this film is called "Pursuit." Because you can't give up. Keep chasing, keep pursuing. Whatever it is. That's the only way to get what you want...'

Oblinski put the odds against him aside and created his own way to recovery through persistence, determination and a love of storm chasing.

To watch Pursuit and to find out more about Oblinskis journey head over to his Vimeo here.

Film by Mike Oblinski

Music by Peter Nanasi

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Artist of the Week - Rosie Lonsdale

Posted by Rosalyn Fenton on

Photography by Rosie Lonsdale

Rosie Lonsdale is a London based photographer and recent graduate of Goldsmiths with a keen eye for the cinematic. She is our artist of the week as we love the use of the bold flat colours in both her location shots and abstract experiments. Her pieces have a nostalgic feel to them due to the effective use of a DSLR and her flair for the filmic.

Photography by Rosie Lonsdale

Though the majority of her work consists of creating a coloured atmospheres its clear to see she is also fond of reflections and neon lights, like an old juke box playing on a hot Summer’s eve. Though photography seems to be her most enjoyed craft, she has recently joined a small film crew as a Director of Photography to help bring their narrative short; ‘The Liberation of Sin’ a reality. To see more of Rosies work, you can find her here:

Instagram: @rosiealonsdale        Website:

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Ottawa in Photographs by Tejeshwar Sharma

Posted by Adam Wilk on

TJ offered to share some photos of Ottawa. And Northbound and Notable is more than just poetry and words. For those of us who live in the city, it's easy to take yourself there in an instant. For those of you who don't, enjoy a peek at some of the most scenic spots in our nation's capital city.

TJ's photography will feature in our first issue of Northbound and Notable, due out this winter.

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