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Master of the Month - C. S. Lewis

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C S Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis / C. S. Lewis November 1898 - November 1963

"You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me". C. S. Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis or better known as C. S. Lewis is many things including an academic, a lay theologian, a medievalist, an essayist but most famous as a writer. Lewis wrote more than thirty books in differing genres making his works touch and inspire all across the world. Lewis was a committed Christian and even broadcasted discussions with his beliefs including 'Mere Christianity', 1941. Lewis had lost his faith during adolescence but his friend J. R. R. Tolkien encouraged him to join the church once more. They later created a literary group together at Oxford University called the Inklings. The Inklings wanted to appreciate and share their enthusiasm for narrative fiction and fantasy which then lead Lewis to begin his famous trilogy The Chronicles of Narnia, his bestselling works to date.  


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Pablo Neruda – Poetry Lost & Found

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Neruda was a Chilean poet who is most known for his romantic works, but also penned autobiographies, historical events and poems in a variety of style including surrealism. Neruda’s life was complicated, he often wrote his craft on napkins, receipts and scrap paper due to his time spent in hiding and eventually exile. As did his work…until now.

Some folks at Copper Canyon Press have the dream to bring Neruda’s first book to life! They were successful back in 2015 when they managed to not only discover some of his lost work, but also new content that had never been published. The ‘Book of Twilight’ (translated and published for the first time) by Pablo Neruda looks to be in the works offering goodies of letterpress poems. The project still needs backers, but we wish them all the luck in bringing this treasure to life for the public to enjoy.
Check out the project here.

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