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Great leather notebooks funding emerging artists


Ever make something really cool?

Here's a place for it. Northbound & Notable is a magazine and blog dedicated to giving artists, authors, thinkers, and photographers a voice. We're open to submissions from all walks of life -- whether you've been published before or not. We pay our contributors.

Northbound & Notable is available in print and in digital formats. It is released twice a year. Once in the winter, and once in the summer.

 Check out our blog for some examples of submissions.


How it works

We grew our roots in crowdfunding. So we're taking that idea to the world of independent publishing. 

All proceeds from Northbound Notebooks contribute to the Northbound & Notable payout pool. When a new issue of Northbound & Notable is released, the payout pool is distributed to all contributors involved. It goes directly in to the pockets of the writers, poets, photographers, and artists who submit.

All published contributors receive a print copy of Northbound & Notable, as well as a contributor discount on all Northbound Notebooks products. Basically, our contributors get great stuff at cost or less.

Here's an example

Adam submits writing to Northbound & Notable. His submission is approved, and featured on the online blog. In February, the debut issue of Northbound & Notable is released. He wants to payout pool to grow, so he tells a few friends about Northbound Notebooks. The payout pool grows to $300, and he is one of six contributors. 

Adam receives $50 for his work via paypal.

Submission Guidelines

We're a home for all kinds of content. Submissions are free and accepted from around the world. We look to prioritise unpublished pieces.

You hold all your rights. You made it. By submitting content, you give Northbound & Notable permission to reprint and host your content online for as long as the Internet is around. Could be a while.

Currently we are looking for the following pieces:

  • Short fiction / flash fiction. Pieces that have a strong voice and sense of place. Take the reader's time and do something great with it. All lengths considered, preference given towards pieces under one thousand words.
  • Poetry. Please send only a few pieces at a time. We are looking for strong words that leave an impact and draw someone to your experiences.
  • Photography. Unique, memorable pieces that capture ten thousand words. 'Cause one thousand isn't enough. Photography can accompany other pieces, or can be submitted with a story of its' own.
  • Art. Any and all forms of art are accepted, with preference being towards pieces that fit the print medium. 
  • Editorial / Essay. Got something important on your mind that fits our aesthetic? Let us know. Have a strong voice and a stronger argument.

Get Involved

Submit a piece via email.

Please, submit carefully. We will try our best to respond to all applicants in a timely fashion. 

We're hiring

Apply for a paid editor/curator position. We're looking for someone who is looking to gain experience designing, editing, and curating a digital and print magazine. Preference given to someone growing professionally. Send your CV, resume, and some really great reasons you can make this magazine something cool.

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