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Introducing Cécile

Posted by Cecile Pernet on

Hi everyone!

What a busy day! I can't believe how much we did!

Oh, excuse me. Let me introduce myself.


 Nice view!


I'm Cecile, 21 years old. I'm from France. Woaw... What am I doing here? Very good question!

Testing out laser-etching.

I'm doing an internship for a month with Northbound Notebooks. It's an assignment after my first year of study for my International Business program. It's a bit tough to explain, but here you go:

I had to find a company -- it was not so easy. To be honest, my dream was to work in a winery. Didn't quite work as planned! Then I was looking for a startup in Canada -- yes, I forgot to tell you, I've always wanted to visit Canada. I wanted to go to Canada for many years, I was always attracted to it. 

And that lead me to find some startups in Ottawa. I clicked on one of them, and what a nice surprise! Raw materials, cut by hand, yeah, we are talking about Northbound Notebooks.


 A shot of our workshop.
And the Rideau canal.


I thought, woaw, people who want to create hand-made, fair-trade products. It's what I love!

I thought, I could do everything for them. At the beginning, you need everything. Ok, I'll send them a message on their Facebook page. That's how my adventure began.

After a few long months, some emails, and a few skype calls, here I am. I'll be sharing my adventure with you for the next month.

So please, follow me as I travel across Ontario and Quebec. I'm going to be meeting interesting people, finding unique places, and showcasing Northbound Notebooks everywhere I go. I promise to bring you with me wherever I end up.

Let's begin!



You can follow me on or instagram: northboundandnotable

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  • Welcome to Canada Cécile. Have a great time traveling Ontario and Quebec and promoting an incredible hand made Canadian product.

    Heather on

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