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Our Story



Our story starts with Adam. That's me up there on the right. I write all the words on this site, and I make most of our stuff by hand. Sometimes I get a few friends to help out, but we do it all here at our home in Ottawa, Ontario.

But let’s dial it back.

I've been a scribbler ever since I could hold a pencil. I spend a lot of time writing. Always have. I always will. I’ve even got this little bump on my middle finger because I always had a pen or pencil in my hand as a kid. I’ve always known there's something special about putting pen to paper.



I was tired of burning through expensive notebooks and their thin paper. So I turned to other options. I looked online. I searched far and wide. Dozens later, I was left frustrated. I couldn't find a solid refillable notebook with great paper. It was even harder to find something big enough for practical use. Inspiring ideas deserve inspiring pages.

That's around where I met up with an old friend. That's Mark. Turns out he had some great ideas about design, leather, and how we could make the coolest notebooks possible. So we put our heads together. In a few quick months we built something really special. And we're here to share that with you.  



I remember the feeling of seeing my work in print for the first time. I remember the nerves. I remember the thrill of finally finding a place for my creative writing. And that’s what we’re trying to build here.

Northbound & Notable is our curation of creative content from around the world. It’s a simple idea: it’s a home for aspiring writers, photographers, artists, and more. And every item sold through Northbound Notebooks helps find new and emerging voices from all corners of the globe. Because there’s nothing more important than building a community.



With each of our notebooks, you have the option to add a quarterly paper delivery. Included with each package is the best paper money can buy as well as a sampling of the latest in Northbound & Notable — new stories, interviews, photographs, and art, to keep you motivated and connected. Members get exclusive perks, like a print issue of our annual magazine, and insider-only promotions and bonuses.


It’s a great way to get involved.